Alexandra Lippman aka Xandão is an anthropologist, DJ, and scholar. She has conducted fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since 2008. Her ethnography informs her DJing and vice versa, creating a mode of attention and communication on the dancefloor. In 2010 she founded the Sound Ethnography Project, an experiment in multi-sensory representation. You can find her DJing at Blipsy Barcade in Los Angeles every third Saturday.

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UPROOT ANDY is a Brooklyn based DJ/Producer and co-founder of Que Bajo, the NYC based party that helped pioneer the so called Global Bass movement with its all embracing approach to global electronic music. Originally developing his culture crossing DJ sets at the Mehanata Bulgarian Bar before beginning the Que Bajo parties, Uproot Andy’s unique sound of bass heavy and melodic dance music, first began appearing outside the club on mixtapes such as Guacharaca Migration, called ‘one of the best mixtapes of 2008’ by New York Magazine, as well as on early releases by the Bersa Discos and ZZK record labels. Since then he has toured extensively in Europe and across the Americas appearing in diverse settings from Colombia’s Carnaval de Barranquilla to New York’s Central Park Summerstage to the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards in London. Andy and Que Bajo co-founder Geko Jones represented their global bass sound at the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash in NYC and they have recently launched Que Bajo Records to release a steady stream of remixes and club edits that give the now famous party its signature sound.

Dj Ripley has been slaying dancefloors since 1996, developing her adventurous, loving and ferocious take on global street bass sounds. New York, London, Mexico City, Sydney, Chicago, Helsinki, Kingston, Toronto, Budapest, San Francisco, Belgrade, Austin, Berlin, Copenhagen, and many more cities have hosted her in clubs, warehouses, art galleries, squats, festivals, street parties, museums, boats and basements. She spends more time on the dancefloor than the studio because that’s where you learn what music does. She is also a professor of communication & media studies, public speaker, writer, organizer and activist.

MPeach (a.k.a. Mariana Martín Capriles) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Her  music is strongly influenced by a combination of Changa Tuki (Venezuela’s native ghetto-dance music), Afro-Caribbean beats and melodies rooted in traditional Venezuelan folk culture. She draws from a wide variety of musical inspirations, including “dembow, soukous, heavy bass, spanish reggae, hip hop, 4×4, grime, dancehall and kuduro,” making for a dynamic sound that stands all on its own.

Mpeach intersects music and visual art, where each side exists symbiotically as a compliment to the other as she present a fully audiovisual show. Her work is profoundly impacted by her individual cultural roots while reconstructed to reflect her global Internet-Age upbringing.

As a member of the now disbanded cult electronic band Todosantos (originators of the ‘tukky-bass’ sound), she’s opened for headlining acts such as M.I.A and The Beastie Boys, as well as performed at SXSW, POP Montreal and the CMJ Music Marathon.

Working independently as an audio/visual artist, MPeach has completed installations at BRIC Contemporary Art (Brooklyn, NY), One Art Space (New York, NY) and collaborated with the Joshua Light Show, Latin Grammy award winner Los Amigos Invisibles, the tropical bass party Que Bajo?, New York based culture blog Mex And The City, and the electro-dance punk band Heartsrevolution.

Mpeach preps her LP with the release of lead single Malania. The song in a chill-trap style has touches of dembow and Miami Bass, and is reminiscent of the sound of LA’s contemporary beat if it were transported to the Caribbean. The song was composed in collaboration between Mpeach and Venezuelan artist Sunsplash, produced by Dutty Artz’ Chief Boima, and mixed and mastered by Venezuelan super-producer Cardopusher.

Diego Gutierrez is a graphic designer and art director. Born in Oaxaca and raised in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, he has over a decade of working experience in Rome, Los Angeles, and New York City, where he now resides. Gutierrez is motivated by a belief that every design piece should fit into a larger, long-term project vision. This holistic process-based approach capitalizes on his communication skills and enables him to develop a compelling visual language that’s unique to each situation. Gutierrez currently does art direction/design for major corporate clients like Simon & Schuster, Colgate-Palmolive and Nestle-Purina; oversees the visual identity for independent music label Dutty Artz and New York’s leading Latin electronic dance music party Que Bajo; and has contributed original designs to projects such as Green Patriot Posters: Images for a New Activism, Hello Bad Mind and Uncropped Magazine.

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Ushka is a Sri Lankan-born, Thailand-raised, Brooklyn-living migrant. She is an activist and cultural organizer. She deejays as one half of iBomba – one of NYC’s premiere destinations for Global Bass every second Monday of the month at Bembe (81 South 6th St, Brooklyn). Find her on Soundcloud and on Twitter.

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American electronic musician, DJ, writer, and outspoken advocate for the cutting-edge digital music coming out of many parts of the world today.

Currently based in NY, Boima began his international DJ career on a self-initiated travel stint to try and connect with like-minded artists in various parts of the world. From the beginning, his performances integrated a diverse array of global musical styles, inspired by the parties he knew growing up in a close knit African immigrant community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and similar communities across the United States.

Settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area, he became a resident DJ at Little Baobab nightclub, and grew to be an internationally respected figure in the promotion of various global club music styles. His travel experiences and global music expertise launched a writing career which has seen him contributing to various music and culture online and print publications (Ghetto Bassquake, Africa is a Country, WFMU Radio, and The Fader Magazine.)

As a producer, Boima has released original tracks and remixes alone, as part of the duo Banana Clipz with DJ Oro 11, and as a member of the Australian-American experimental band Beaten By Them. He’s also done collaborations with folks like DJ Orion, Lamin Fofana, DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Uproot Andy, as well as producing tracks for international artists such as Los Rakas, Black Nature of the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, and Khady Black.

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