False Witness is an affiliate of Lit City Trax and member of KUNQ, a collective of artists fostering forwards-thinking, queer-oriented art. He makes what he calls island industrial music, mixing the rhythms of caribbean and latin music with the power of the underground rave.


He’ll be performing at the Que Bajo Barrioteca Tropical May 9th at Verboten in Brooklyn. Get your tickets here: http://nyc.redbullmusicacademy.com/que-bajo-barrioteca-tropical

If you happen to be in the greater Boston- or have a British style pension for traveling great distances to hear electronic music and turn your brain to mush- then next week should be fairly pleasant. Together Boston is a freewheeling many venue, many genre festival whose schedule looks kind of like a regular week in Berlin, but an absolutely exceptional one in any North American city. Check the website for a ton of great lectures, workshops and parties… After the cut is my ideal schedule for the week with venues and times.

For a quick summary- Rupture on Monday, Kingdom on Tuesday, Untold and myself (at different venues unfortunately) on Wednesday, Sinden on Friday, and an all ages showcase that Ill be playing a special noisy turnablist set at on Saturday. Come say hello!