Fellow native new yorker (Bronx stand up!) and expert cutter-through-of-smoke-mirrors Noam Chomsky gave this talk in April 2011 while the currently flourishing #occupy movements were just a gnawing sense of horrific injustice in the occupiers bellies.

In it he breaks down such popular topics as:

1) Why economic power = political power

2) How financial regulations were systematically demolished in this country to benefit the 1% ending a ‘golden era’ of egalitarian prosperity

3) How Obama was bought by Wall Street and how he repaid them

He forgot his notes at the hotel and so it’s light on statistics and heaaaavy on truthy goodness.  Need to explain to your friends why the Occupy Wall St movement matters at your next cocktail party?  Start here.



Big shout out to PDX Justice for filming and posting this on Vimeo, along with The Collins Distinguished Speaker Series and the Department of English of the University of Oregon at Eugene for holding the event.  If I get a free hour I’d like to rip the audio for this and encode it as a podcast.  If anyone else is motivated to do it first we’ll happily host and promote it here.  The fact that this thing is so relevant to the current conversation and only had 636 views when I found it is terrible.


Mickey finished his long awaited debut album The Achievement, and it’s coming out later this fall. The project previously referred to as The New Museum – a better album title – but a lot has happened since 2008 – some decent mixtapes and leaks, a Honda commercial, etc. “Paradise”, produced by Harlem’s own Precize, is queasy and there’s a nervousness about the whole thing, but it’s enjoyable.


So I know ya’ll got up on Whatagatapitusberry via the interwebs but did you do the extra credit assignment and start diggin for more tunes from Del Patio? Don’t worry about it if you didn’t, there’s always more bandwidth over at the fail blog.

Sensato and Saweso are two Bronx-based Dominican MC’s with a great ear for club music. Wayne Marshall has already contributed alot of thought on their first smash and Toy Selectah’s remix has been on a lot of DJ’s playlist in the past 6 months so I don’t need to get into the fact they have more than 4 million youtube views. They’ve been cranking out hilarious videos for their songs at at a breakneck pace and its paying off. Pitbull and Lil Jon jumped on the ‘berry remix and Voltio is on this next joint which is banging in the latin clubs in NYC and the Dominican Republic. I watched a video of some of their live performance in Puerto Rico longside the top dogs in reggeaton and their stage game is the real deal. He’re’s a new 140 bpm jawn that’s bubbling in NYC right now feat Sensato and Voltio.

La Fila India-DNC ft Sensato y Voltio

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/La Fila India.mp3]

Two things I find interesting from both these guys and Los Rakas are that they let go tons and tons of music online and they both let the accapellas go out alofoke to see what happens in remixlandia. This sort of ‘Just let go’ approach is something alot of artists are scared to do and I think it shows the confidence of both duos. It takes alot of swag to say ‘my verse is dope, sit that on whatever beat you want, I’m still gonna sound fly.’

Hit up watagatapitusberry.com and alofokemusic.org and stay up on their new stuff and more artists from la republica. I’ll be here trying to get both them and Los Rakas on a track together and getting them to play at Que Bajo?! this summer.

[youtube width=”524″ height=”393″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=246fZPv-LBY[/youtube]

I first heard this tune at a party in the Bronx, Summer 2005 or maybe ’06– I don’t remember exactly. Big up all Ghanaian massive in the Bronx. I can recall a friend telling me at the time that “You May Kiss Your Bride” was a smash in Accra, on the radio, in bars and clubs, at football marches, and of course at weddings.  This clip also appears on a VCD compilation titled Ghana Vs Nigeria: Super Hits Videos –purchased in a street market in Freetown in December ’09. By the way, if you dig this track don’t sleep on Akwaaba Music’s Move It Chaleh — more recent hiplife goodness among other things (like Monou Sidibe’s incredible “Mali Mousso.”)

image by jean-fabien



“At The Fire Is NOT a MIX

it is an EMOTION”—or rather a series of emotions

Lucky Dragons – Mirror Friends

Mosholu Park – Interlude (At The Fire)

Matt Shadetek – Shield Dub

Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love

Terror Danjah – Splash

Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit

Muhsinah – Lose My Fuse

2/5 BZ – Etnik Market, Etnik Paranoia

CIAfrica/Manusa – Dans Mon Pays

Movado – Gyal Bend Ova

Big Boi – Fo Yo Sorrows

Goro Yamaguchi – The Cranes Crashing In Their Nests

Friend – Doki


French Montana dropped  a new mixtape with DJ Drama last week appropriately titled Cocaine Konvicts/Gangsta Grillz. If you have been sleeping on French Montana and his partner Max B, wake up now.  They’re responsible for some of the most interesting mixtapes to come out of New York in 2009.  Beyond the horrific, nightmarish images, violence, drugs and guns— we all like some gun shot sound effects in our rap music, right? The sound here is remarkable, cinematic, moody, and funny.  French Montana was born in Morocco, and grew up in the Bronx.  I came across a footage/trailer for one of his Cocaine City DVDs sometime in early 2008. Montana was pretty much under the radar as an emcee (known more for his DVD business than for his mixtapes, Live From Africa, etc.) until sometime last year when he linked up with Max B (poor Max B is currently holed up in a jail cell somewhere in Hackensack, NJ pending a 75 years or life sentence.) The two began collaborating on songs, both of them rapping and singing over beats by Dame Grease and other less known producers.  Montana and Max released the mixtapes Coke Wave, Mac Wit Da Cheese (Montana), and Quarantine (Max B) this year.  “In The Morning” is from French Montana’s  Mac Wit Da Cheese mixtape and “All My Life” is from Max B’s Quarantine tape — easily two of my favorite rap songs of the year.  The tracks here should serve  introduction to Max & French. Both are at their best on these tracks, in my opinion.  The first leak from Cocaine Konvicts/Gangsta Grillz “Playin’ In The Wind” continues the Coke Wave tradition (Coke Wave 2) brilliant sing-along chorus with great/good enough rap verses.  French Montana recently signed a deal with Akon’s label Konvict Music. If only for a moment Akon would stop popping bottles with models and watching them drink, they’ll do a mixtape title Live From Africa part 2 or something.  Look for French Montana’s album next year, and pray for Max B.

French Montana feat. Max B – In The Morning

Max B feat. Mack Mustard – All My Life

French Montana  – Playin’ In The Wind


[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au86wouG5Hk[/youtube]

This is part one of my tour of where I grew up in the Bronx and my process in creating the turntable science. Journalists get it correct, the dawn of Hip Hop was in the 70’s!!! Grandmaster Flash

More than flour, more than rice, more even than Gasoline. DuttyArtz.com readers, don’t say I never gave you anything. Not only is this mixtape hot but it is actually THE MOST EXPENSIVE MIXCD EVER. Normally it costs $999.99 but since I like you I’m gonna hook you all up. Wow. Bronx dancing, selecting, trend setting dancehall icon Skerrit Bwoy linked us in early on this mix by him, Jazzy Joyce from Hot97 and Walshy Fire from Black Chiney. Joyce plays hiphop, Skerrit holds down Dancehall and Walshy drops Soca. Check for the two exclusive dubplates on two of my riddims for Skerrit’s Ghetto Life Entertainment sound system of Jahdan’s Go Round Payola and 77Klash’s Mad Again in his section of the mix. If you don’t know about Skerrit Bwoy he’s one of the craziest all around entertainers in NYC hailing out of Bronx. Check for his guest appearance in the Mad Again video coming soon, it is absolutely MAD SICK HEAD NUH GOOD.