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Bvdub – Return To Tonglu
RHy-s on – 2
Bijan Mofid – Shahreh Ghesseh, I & II
Co$$ feat. Blu – Angelic
Jamie Vexd – In System Travel
Zomby – Tears in the Rain
Dred Man-Gi feat. Nell – Não Ta Se Entender
Kasai Allstars – Tshitua fuila mbuloba
King Midas Sound – Cool Out
Alpha Blondy – Jerusalem
Cauto – Despartar
G-Side – Alpine Tick

it’s here & here & here also – big up Dave, Chris, and thecrookedclef for the uppage. in between the multiple daily posts of other people’s stuff, i manage to patch together a series of sounds, and it runs deep! i made it a few weeks ago, recorded some of it at WFMU-FM, edit in Logic.


ok. so the free tickets have long been ‘sold out’ — early bird gets the worm– but this is a quick reminder: Tomorrow I’m DJing at the SONAR festival’s first ever NYC, party! Myself, Prefuse 73, and bunch of producers / DJs / VJs from Barcelona (where both Prefuse & I lived). In fact, I’ve spent most of the 21st century based in Barcelona….

anyhow, check it out SONARsound NYC.

I go on around 11pm and spin for 2 hours, a nice stretch-out set. Will sneek in tunes from my fav BCN-based producers — Cauto (3rd generation Catalan musician!), Cardopusher (Venezuelan expat skullcrusher), Pulshar (Spanish but sing in accented English: bonus points!), Filastine (gringo total!), as well as making sure the Euro-latinos get a taste of New York Tropicalcumbia from new jersey, mambo / 160bpm merengue de la kalle edits, etc., stuff that you don’t hear over in España.

Here’s one of the Cauto jams we released on vinyl:

Yes, Dutty Artz is a recording label with actual (and digital) records in stores, tremendously talented musicians, one extremely dedicated operative, and supporters.

Here’s a tune from DUTTY REMIX ZERO which is still fresh in the stores. This remix is great, but you should really hear SHADETEk’s “Can’t Breathe” remix.
Cauto – Bona Vida

Rupture and JahDan are in the middle of their UK trek. If you are in the area, go and see them! Something wonderful happens when these two are together. Check DATV001 for proof.

(pic by Sr Atlantico)

We also got teh mixes –

Geko Jones New York Tropical; live on WFMU is still up + popping.

Taliesin got some dark dark dark for ya… Well, it ain’t so dark, but it is.

I’ve been getting more and more into the whole youtube thing lately and I’ve noticed a lot of people are using it as a jukebox or a place to quickly find songs. We like that, so we decided to stick the tracks from our new EP Dutty Remix Zero by me and Cauto up on there. Here they are complete with my own public-access-esque graphic accompaniment. Wondering why there’s this amazing low-fi yet consistent graphic design aesthetic through all the DA visual branding? It’s because instead of trying to press-gang any of our friends who are actual graphic designers into doing art for no money and put up with our vague and annoying feedback and everything thereby taking forever we just decided to do it all in-house, specifically, my house. Witness my simple yet devastatingly powerful deployment of the black box, stock type-face and gradient tool. Dun know the photoshop skillz. For your listening, embedding, re-blogging pleasure.











Check the Dutty Artz Youtube Channel for more stuff you might have missed.

Buyable only on vinyl from fine independent retailers everywhere or wholesale through Cargo distribution.

UK: Juno, Boomkat, Norman.

US: Turntable Lab.

Japan: Cisco.

is FINALLY in the UK shops! we had ALL MANNER of production delays on this one, but now that Dutty Artz has turned on, we can safely say that we’re gonna keep sprinting for a long time to come.

you can cop the 12″ at Boomkat and many other fine shoppes

here’s the Boomkat review: “Two of our favourite rhythm and bass scholars Matt Shadetek and DJ/Rupture join forces to present their new imprint Dutty Artz, dedicated to dubstep/grime tempo bangers with a four track disc rammed full of primed dancefloor winners. Matt Shadetek brings up the A-side with ‘Can’t breathe remix’, taking advantage of his outsider position within the scene to draw a number of significantly heavy strands of plasticky synth ridden grime styles with R’n’B styled vox and a killer conga pattern reminding us of Skepta’s crazy ‘stageshow riddim’. The real shocker on this side is the insanely effective ‘Girlfriend rmx’, obviously inspired by the ghetto house styles currently ruling sections of African dancefloors at the moment and spilling into Grime and Funky London styles, Matt kills it with a charging batty wriggler riddim with heavily autotuned vox and stupid fresh bass for a cut that is guaranteed to liven up any floor.

Cauto keep up the pressure built on the A-side with an mean update of Shy FX’s classic ‘Original nuttah’ augmenting the original vocals and licks with a dubstep/breakstep riddim and freshened bass rubs that will be demanding a lot of attention very soon. ‘Bona vida’ leaves us on cool dubbers tips, structuring a forward thinking dub riddim in the finest Disrupt style, before adding some angular breaks to wipe any dancefloor dilettantes, rough styyyyles. This is definitely an imprint to be keeping a close eye on in the future, and a definite must buy for any fans of Werk, Hyperdub, Hot Flush, Heatwave, or any of Ruptures legendary mixtapes. Well recommended!!”

UK low-end bredren Sinden started off his (highly influential & generally awesome) Kiss FM radio show last night with the Cauto stormer from Dutty Remix Zero, Bona Vida! Tracklist. Seems like you can stream it back here for a week, although are my computer & I am not smart enough to make it work for us.



Across the Atlantic, on my radio show last nite we aired an exclusive set by another Londoner, bassline/grime producer Dexplicit. Listen back. This will be available as a podcast soon.

[youtube][/youtube]Boom! The first episode of Dutty Artz Television (aka DATV#001) lands with a bang and crash.

Check out the DA family repping at NYC’s original and best dubstep night Dub War. DJ /Rupture, Geko Jones and Jahdan pon mic. It was a wicked night, the sound was booming, the vibes were strong and Rupture dropped a whole bunch of exxxclusive Dutty material including a bunch of tunes by myself. Check the video and watch my Can’t Breathe Remix fuck up the place when it drops. Starting the episode is new producer Cauto from Barcelona’s Bona Vida another BIG tune that will be out very soon, along with the Can’t Breathe Remix on our first release DA00 DUTTY REMIX ZERO 12″.

Shout out to Dave Q from Dub War, we did a great interview but the sound didn’t come thru, we’ll get you next time fam. Shouts to everyone who was in the building: Elliel and 3rd Rayl from Funkworthy Sound, Human, DJ Child from PGM, Twin Sounds, Star Eyes from T&B, Secret Agent Gel, NRON, Lamin, First City Crew and all the ravers raving!

Watch this space and our new YouTube channel for further episodes and updates, upcoming features include our own NYC Street Fashion coverage and Cooking with the Family, a segment where we watch our musician friends cook their favorite dishes.

Available in both downloadable Podcast and YouTube formats. iTunes compatibility coming soon (fuck apple).