I’ve just spent 3 weeks in Puerto Rico with a holy shit cast of characters. I haven’t been down to the island in almost five years because of the general apathy that’s become commonplace en mi islita, but the timing was right and I think Puerto Rico may finally be ready for change.

Within days of my arrival I found myself in the midst of some of the top dawgs of the reggaeton and electronic music scenes and I wanna take a few to hip ya’ll to whats gwarnin out there. Its way too much for one post so I’ve broken it up into three that will air this week.

First off, shouts out to Toy Selectah who was also in town to work on some tracks for Calle 13 and Argentine reggae artist Fidel Nadal. At Toy’s invitation, I found myself at Visitante’s home recording studio where C13 have been working on their new album.  Hand’s down, what the boys have built is the most beautifully decorated and acoustically engineered studio I’ve ever stepped foot in. Cherry oak walls engraved with logos from their various releases, persian rugs, top notch gear, blah blah blah. I got to hear what Toy was contributing and what is coming down the pipe is explosive. Visitante their producer, Ismael their drummer and Mark, the dread in the video who doubles his duty as guitarist in the video and the carpenter who’s been building the studio, are all hella cool peoples and you should definitely peep this new single Calma Pueblo which has been riling up the religious censors.

Yo soy el que quiere que coman, aunque no tengan hambre – Residente-Calle 13


I’m the one that wants you all to eat, even if you’re not hungry

I feel like with that line alone Rene’, better known as Residente, summarizes one of the most disenfranchising aspects about life on the island and the reason that his band is so popular. It’s what my friend Yari calls The 100×35 Mentality. There is a serious apathy plaguing the island when it comes to embracing change. New is completely disregarded until its cool and there are very few artists (or members of the general populace) that break norms there. C13 has consistently pushed the envelope. As do we..

Toy Selectah and I played together to a capacity crowd of 550 party people, on a monday night. The resident DJ has been building the night for 4 years and leans toward hip-hop and dancehall. I played about 45 minutes of dancehall cumbia mashups, crunk cumbia refixes, panamanian plena and hip hop in spanish. I’m happy to announce that it was received fairly well received by most of the audience, the bartenders and even by the resident DJ (*you’ll never kill a top 40 hip hop crowd with all new underground sounds, but do dare yourself to try).

The part of the audience that comes to dance liked it more than the guys that were there to drink and pose off but I’d definitely say it was the first time for almost anyone in the room to hear this stuff and something went right because I had alot of hits on FB the following day as a result.

At the end of the night, we had an honest conversation with the DJ about having built something that could change island. He could be the one to introduce a world of new latin sounds to the island, to which he replied… that’s really not my thing. And therein lies the problem on the island. They need more leaders like c13 to set trends and propel them forward. The people are getting tired of la misma mierda. The strike at the University of Puerto Rico en April was a perfect example that the people want things to be done differently. They are willing to stand up for change.  What they need is a movement, and in my next post I’ll tell you more about how I’m getting that ball rolling.

I’d forgotten that I have a Soundcloud page. Remembered. Pasted up a set from the good ole days of January 2008 – the cumbia mix I did for Rob Da Bank’s BBC1 radio show. You can stream or download below. Enjoy! & feel free to send me trax.

DJ Rupture – BBC 1 Cumbia mix by djrupture

download DJ Rupture Cumbia mix for Rob Da Bank | BBC Radio 1, January 2008


El Hijo de la Cumbia – ‘Pista Para La Contra’

Pesadilla – ‘La Pava Congona’ (Discos El Papi)

Unknown – ‘Cumbia de la Selva’

DJ Panik – ‘Like This Like That’ (Bersa Discos)

Crunk Cumbia Bootleg

El Hijo de la Cumbia – ‘Para Bailiar Alika RMX’ (Soot Records)

La Yegros – ‘Trocitos de Madera:original mix’ (Dutty Artz)

Armando Hernandez – ‘Cumbia Doris’

Petrona Martinez – ‘La Vida Vale La Pena: Uproot Andy Remix)’

Pitbull – ‘Ya Se Acabo’

Noble Society – ‘The Swarm: Zuzuka Cumbia Klash remix’ (Klash City)

Los Destellos – ‘Elsa: Sonido Martines remix’ (Soot Records)

El Hijo de la Cumbia – ‘Cumbia Regional’ (Soot Records)

Los Daddy’s – ‘Cumbia Sampuesana’

J-Kwon – ‘Tipsy: instrumental’ (So So Def)

Julieta Venegas – ‘Eres Para Mi: Sonidero Nacional remix’

Ñejo feat Arcangel y Dalmata – ‘Algo Musical remix’

Crunk cumbia bootleg

Calle 13 – ‘Atrevetetete remix’

Crunk cumbia bootleg

Celso Piña – ‘Cumbia Poder’

DJ Rupture featuring Sister Nancy – ‘A Little More Oil: reggaeton remix feat. Pe Ere’ (Soul Jazz)

Uproot Andy vs. ODB – ‘Brooklyn Cumbia’

Maga Bo – ‘Earthshaking Riddim’ (Dutty Artz)

Jahdan Blakkamoore – ‘Earthshaking’ (Dutty Artz)

Matt Shadetek – ‘Pure Riddim’ (Dutty Artz )

Jahdan Blakkamoore feat Durrty Goodz – ‘Mesmerized’ (Dutty Artz)

Modeselektor and Matt Shadetek – ‘Dem A Idiot Riddim’ (Dutty Artz)

El Hijo de la Cumbia – ‘Conciencia de Barrio’ (Soot Records)

Grupo La Cumbia – ‘La Mulata’

Unknown – ‘Poco a Poco ‘Yes Yes’ (Discos Bones)

Celso Piña – ‘Cumbia de la Paz’

This was my Bible last summer.

Bienvenidos a the official 2010 New York City Latin Summer Events Guide! Summer invaded this week with a sweaty onslaught of sun and filth. It’s great! The temperature might make you loopy. So loopy, in fact, that you might forget to hit up the best events New York City has to offer this year. Which is why we’re here. Who else can better filter the bueno from the whatever in anything and everything Latino? This year NYRemezcla.com and Latin Media & Entertainment Commission (LMEC) bring you even better festivals, fiestas, and films to catch from June to December. That’s seven months of non-stop awesomeness. Who needs sleep anyway?

You can find it at Que Bajo?! /Shops all over the city or download directly from their site.

Eyebeam Open Studios, this Friday 3-6pm in the Chelsea space. I will present a cumbia research project I’m working on as one of Eyebeam’s resident artists this season. La Congona New Cumbia will culminate in a mixtape CD + bilingual poster, and be documented on our blog of the same name.

So feel free to drop by and see/say what’s up. A very diverse group of people will be showing their work-in-progress. For example: while I’m doing weird cumbia distribution/circulation mapping & hotwiring bootleg networks, Ted Southern, pictured below, is building honest-to-God astronaut gloves. (the last pair he designed outperformed NASA gloves on NASA’s own tests). Astronaut gloves!

Open Studios continue on Saturday, although I won’t be able to attend.


first posted at Mudd Up!

Today I’m going to host WNYC’s Soundcheck from 2-3pm on 93.9FM, then at night – tonight, Wednesday June 23rd – I’ll switch into my DJ /rupture costume and shake up the Que Bajo party.

Tropical enthusiasts will not be disappointed: humid city, rich old cumbias, synthed-up new beats, we got you covered. Geko Jones and I trading off all evening. Santos Party House, $5, 11pm. Village Voice writeup.

para empezar: a nice ‘Cumbia de la Playa’ version, group unknown:


? – Cumbia

and a 6-minute medley from Ecuadorean genius, Polibio Mayorga. Mayorga’s telltale bounce goes through subtle musical shifts as shouts of encouragement animate a real or imaginary dancefloor. The guy who gave me this CD was worried that, back home, it was old people’s music – but, he said, it would get them dancing every time. There’s little bass in the original; you need to boost the low-end to get an idea of how it’s supposed to sound. “Bass weight”, in dubstep parlance…

I have a wonderful life-affirming Polibio Mayorga / soundsystem hoarding story from Mexico City, will share soon.

[audio:http://negrophonic.com/mp3/Polibio_Mayorga-medley .mp3]

Polibio Mayorga – medley


Classical Peruvian chicha cumbia band Los Destellos running through New York with DJ assistance by Geko Jones and Benoit of Masala & La Congona.

You may have heard Los Destellos as remixed by Sonido Martines a year or two back:

Los Destellos – Elsa (Sonido Martines remix feat Fefe)

Sonido tracked down Los Destellos, explained to them what was going on in the slippery world of ‘new cumbia’, and with their blessings got permission to flip this remix. Now-thing realness with respect for the foundational musicans!




FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010
171 east bway

Here’s DJ N-RON’s  M-C-M1 Mixtape to get you hype for the free party. Head over to Spannered, where it was originally posted for download link, tracklist, + info.


& from Reaganomics SoundCloud page:

E boi by dj reaganomics

20 meninas remix by dj reaganomics

fuego puro by dj reaganomics

This party is going to be multiple varieties of bananas. serious – cumbia villera pioneers Damas Gratis (for those who don’t know, read up my Fader article on cumbia which involves careening around Buenos Aires w/ Damas Gratis leader Pablo Lescano), Bomba Estereo, Toy Selectah, and me with special guest vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore, raising temperatures down in Monterrey Mexico. Puro fuego!!!

also on the bill, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Sonidero Nacional, etc….. BOOM.

29 de Mayo #MEXICO | Presentado por @HellowHellow con DAMAS GRATIS, @ToySelectah, @djrupture, @BombaEstereo, IMS (@CamiloLara), y mas!

(Note the fine print: children under 5 get in free – amazing!)