Together Festival

The last stop on Matt Shadetek’s The Empire Never Ended Spring Tour will roll through Boston tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 15th.)

Having played host to almost every legend of experimental party music in the past decade, Dutty Artz is honored to show up and represent at a special edition of Beat Research for Boston’s growing Together electronic music festival. Since an astonishing number of Dutty fam have represented at Beat Research before, it’s amazing that this will be Matt’s first time playing the party! He will be performing alongside DJ Ripley, Chief Boima, and Beat Research co-founder DJ Flack’s live electronic band The Sublings!

You can also catch Matt and Ripley on several of the daytime panels for the Together Fest. Check the whole schedule here, and details on Matt’s panels below:


I’m speaking today about a topic that I’ve been living for years, and only recently (and with the help of awesome Dj/Activist/thinkers like DJ Ushka) been able to articulate in a public way, and combine with my other scholarship: “Rocking the Body Politics; Musical Spaces for Resistance & Survival.” This is an extension of the workshop Thanu/Ushka and I organized at the Allied Media Conference last year on “Radical Organizing from the Dancefloor,” combined with ideas from my research and dj experience that I also presented at the Clandestino Institut in Göteborg, Sweden last year (Exile, Resistance, Occupation, Music).



Duttycast 001

This month, Dutty Artz kicked off a series of monthly livestream/podcast events called the Duttycast.

The Duttycast will alternate between conversations/interactive experiences where we dig deeper into some of the issues all of us, as artists crossing borders and boundaries, have to deal with; and live musical experiences representing the wide range of Dutty Artz talents.


Dj Ripley has been slaying dancefloors since 1996, developing her adventurous, loving and ferocious take on global street bass sounds. New York, London, Mexico City, Sydney, Chicago, Helsinki, Kingston, Toronto, Budapest, San Francisco, Belgrade, Austin, Berlin, Copenhagen, and many more cities have hosted her in clubs, warehouses, art galleries, squats, festivals, street parties, museums, boats and basements. She spends more time on the dancefloor than the studio because that’s where you learn what music does. She is also a professor of communication & media studies, public speaker, writer, organizer and activist.

Our friend Daniel Perlin (a.k.a. N-Ron, but you’ll soon know him as Merlin) is throwing a crazy end of year houseparty at a space in downtown Brooklyn – Please join us in celebrating the amazing year that was 2011 and the arrival of 2012! Help us push away the spirit of apocalypse… He’s gone and invited the incredible Ripley, yrs truly, and some special guests. MORE details after Saul Williams, c. the year two thousand:

[youtube width=”525″ height=”25″][/youtube]
Saul Williams – Penny For A Thought

Join Hosts dp, kwonix, Ezio and Danielle in celebrating the time-shift from 2011 to the year 2012

with DJ’s Merlin, Ripley, Lamin Fofana, + Special Guests.

1 night only, we are taking over The Loading Dock at 170 Tillary Street. This is a sacred space, to be treated with a proper party! To scare away the oncoming doom, we have everything, well, almost everything we need:

MUSIC– Be prepared to dance. Sounds from everywhere to make you move.
LIGHTS– The most fabulous light system ever. It moves to the beat. It has switches for on and off!
FOG– Yes. Fog. Even Kurtz could hide in our fog!
DRINK– We have some. Bring more!
BUBBLE MACHINE– 2012 in with style. Bubble style.
HOT TUB– What more do we have to say. We have a brand spankin new hot tub in the and indoor/outdoor space. Never leave the boat. But you should know how to swim.
What we need: YOU! and a guest.
Please RSVP. We want to make sure we have all the necessary powers in order for an amazing time.
Space is limited, though time is not…

We recommend a donation. you can also bring drinks. You can also do both!

Please be prepared to dance in 2012! Apocalypse Later will only work when the ritual is complete!

Thanks, we all look forward to hearing from you, seeing you and celebrating 2012 in fine style.

dp and the crew!