BD1982 has been one of my favorite producers for a minute. I’ve been including his tracks on mixes and dropping them when I play for about two years now. His Spaceboots EP on Seclusiasis was one of the most banging EPs of the last 12 months- and he now has a full length out entitled “Lets Talk Math.” He laced DA with a lengthy interview, an exclusive mix for the podcast- as well as an Erykah Badu vocal version of  “Subtract”.

BD1982 – Soldier (Subtract) 320[audio:]

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T: So- we’ve been in touch for at least two years now- I first became familiar with your production through your monstrous “Water-Faucet” riddim, which shows up here as the instrumental for the gun man tune “Shotta Pon da Corner.” Lets maybe begin there. How did you come to work with Two Seven? Were you always planning on getting a vocal on that instrumental? What about “Fresh Air Ft. Syntonics” (one of my absolute favorites on the album) and “Chased by The Rain”- where the vocals take on a more instrument like role. How do you conceptualize the role of a vocalist in mainly instrumental genres? When your djing out are you playing primarily instrumental tracks as well?

B: I had been a fan of 77klash since hearing “Brooklyn Anthem” and sent a message through Myspace to see if he’d be interested in voicing a tune and luckily he was up for it! I hadn’t really planned on trying to get an original vocal for “Water Faucet” intially, maybe just because the “Blueberry Afghani” bootleg remix was making some rounds, but I’m still incredibly happy at how dope “Shotta Pon De Corner” ended up .

More Interview Under the Hood (more…)

DATV is very proud to present DATV#003: Dexplicit at Trouble & Bass. T&B brought Dexplicit to play at Love in NYC and we were there to film the mayhem. It was a great party. Dex ripped it up with a banging set of bassline/niche tunes, the T&B crew dropped their own blend of 4×4, dubstep, club hotness whatever (not quite sure what to call what they’re playing nowadays) and the ravers LOVED IT UP. A couple days later me and Rupture met up with Dex and Star Eyes for some shopping and an interview. Check it:


Dex is a great guy and was very cool to talk to, he had a lot of interesting stuff to say. We had to cut it way down to keep the piece moving but for the hardcore heads who want to hear EVERYTHING he had to say you will be able to catch the full version on the DATV DVD later this year. The video starts with a killer Dexplicit remix of DTL alter ego Curses! “What I Need” that will be out soon on Trouble & Bass. Check their website for more info on releases, parties etc.

Big shouts to the whole Trouble and Bass crew, Drop The Lime, Star Eyes, Math Head, The Captain and my boy Zack Shadetek, Dexplicit, the photographer who goes by Madaes on flickr (wicked pictures bro) and all the ravers who were there raving. More DATV episodes coming soon, we’ve been having fun making ’em, keep watching.

AND if you’ve been listening to Rupture’s radio show you may heard the excellent “Language Removal Services” piece played by his guest, poet Caroline Bergvall, in which they take people reading or speaking and remove everything but the silences between words, umm, uhh, ehhs, etc. Inspired, DJ Empirical went and made one out of the show where Rupture broadcast a longer version of our Dexplicit interview as audio. Want to listen to Jace and Dex umm and ehh and wow for a bit? Here, now you can. It’s pretty funny, and wierd. The show is now podcasting here, and you can also check out the WICKED mix that Dex did for the show, broadcast the week before he appeared.