Vicente Pedraza and I chatted with Dublab co-founder, Frosty for LAndscapes his show on Red Bull Radio, which explores the “rich and varied musical landscape that is Los Angeles.” We spoke in bustling Santee Alley–LA’s own tianguis–over aguas frescas.

I selected from Discos Barba Azul’s catalogue, Shark & Lobo DJ MP3-loaded CDs bought over the years in D.F. (shout-out to Vamanos for sharing “Cumbia Lorana”), and a live recording of Sonido Rumbandela performing at our release party.

Listen in on Tuesday 11am-1pm PST!


Tra Ba EP CoverWe travel in circles. Our lives move in cycles. Our dreams spin us around. This is something that artist Rafi El understands intuitively. Through his life and music, he’s been constantly circling back to the source of his creativity, the mountains of South America – long a source of cultural wealth and shamanic power. Raised by parents from Argentina’s historical Jewish communities, Rafi was born in Israel and grew up in Los Angeles, where he currently lives. His earliest days were steeped in the sounds and cultures of three continents.

In anticipation of the release of Rafi El’s debut full length album this summer, Dutty Artz releases the lead single “Tra Ba” as a free EP:



Dutty Artz has a lot coming for you in 2013. We decided to kick off things nice with a golden monster from the West Coast. Rafi El lives in LA but he’s been known to walk on water in El Salvador as little pieces of sunlight shimmer around him. You’ll be hearing more from Rafi El in the coming months — if not from us, from DJs bumping next level tunes like this one, which is the best Dr.Dre homage we’ve ever heard. En serio. No joke. Spanish-language rappin’, Xzibit boots, and a 95BPM bounce guaranteed to reignite that all-powerful connection between ears & hips. Who is this man?! Questions take second seat to these rays. Vibe with la diferencia…