This was my Bible last summer.

Bienvenidos a the official 2010 New York City Latin Summer Events Guide! Summer invaded this week with a sweaty onslaught of sun and filth. It’s great! The temperature might make you loopy. So loopy, in fact, that you might forget to hit up the best events New York City has to offer this year. Which is why we’re here. Who else can better filter the bueno from the whatever in anything and everything Latino? This year and Latin Media & Entertainment Commission (LMEC) bring you even better festivals, fiestas, and films to catch from June to December. That’s seven months of non-stop awesomeness. Who needs sleep anyway?

You can find it at Que Bajo?! /Shops all over the city or download directly from their site.


Apparently I’m not the only musician who likes Barack Obama. Will.I.Am from Hip-Pop supergroup Blackeyed Peas does too, so he took Obama’s victory speech from New Hampshire (see below) and recorded this song with a bunch of his famous friends. People are calling it “The Obama Song” but I think it’s actually called Yes I Can. Good for you Will I Am, fucked up as this world is people are more likely to listen to a pop musician for musical advice than many others (politicians, parents, the media). Don’t know what that reflects on worse but hey… I’m officially throwing my hat in with an endorsement of Obama for president as well (Hilary, don’t get mad).