African By The Bay
[Artwork/cover design by Lupo Avanti]

Dutty Artz is proud to present The African By The Bay EP, an exclusive collection of irresistible remixes from San Francisco/Bay Area producer Chief Boima. The EP is available for free download, and features a healthy dose of Afro dance remixes and instrumental reworkings of songs by Birdman (“Money To Blow” feat. Drake and Lil Wayne), Akon (“Right Now”), The Jacka (“Glamorous Lifestyle” feat. Andre Nickatina), Fabo & T-Pain (“Own Step”)

African By The Bay EP is a potent batch of new stateside rap tunes given the remix treatment by Boima, our favorite African-American (in the Obama sense) producer, whose trail-blazing approach weds percussive patterns from sounds like Ivorian Coupe Decale and Senegalese Mbalax. (Not to mention Angolan Kuduro, Nigerian Club, and South African Kwaito, and his Sierra Leonean Highlife and Palm-Wine refix of Cold Flamez “Miss Me, Kiss Me”.)

African By The Bay (62 megabyte ZIP file), feel free to to download and re-post on your site.

01 Chief Boima – Shake Them Dreads
02 The Jacka – Glamorous Lifestyle feat. Andre Nickatina (Chief Boima Remix)
03 Sean Garrett – Smooches feat. Young Joc (Chief Boima Remix)
04 Birdman – Money To Blow feat. Drake and Lil Wayne (Chief Boima Remix)
05 Akon – Right Now (Nananana) (Chief Boima Mbalax Decale Remix)
06 YV – Own Step feat. T-Pain & Fabo (Chief Boima Remix)
07 Cold Flamez – Miss Me, Kiss Me (Chief Boima Remix)




Titi – Music

Boima played this song for us on Mudd Up! when he was in New York several months ago. In addition to  the tremendous, infectious voice and guitar groove, what grabbed me were the drums/the rhythm –the sabar has never sounded more tactile.  I said to Boima I needed to hear more mbalax, and he gave me about a gigabyte of music I magically misplaced the same night, and never recovered.  Anyway, Titi is one of, if not the most popular artist in Senegal today. She has a massive presence in Dakar, getting “about as much radio play these days as Youssou N’Dour’s latest Live at Bercy” as noted by Matt Yanchyshyn of the now “on pause” and sorely missed blog Benn loxo du taccu.

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