Tune in Mudd Up! with DJ Rupture on WFMU tonight at 7PM, as Roberto Ernesto Gyemant aka DJ Beto, the man responsible for putting together those wonderful volumes of 1960s and ’70s “cumbia tropical & calypso funk” from Panama, joins Rupture to talk and share some incredible music (most likely some exclusives that are not included on the comps.) The compilations are released on Soundway Records.  I am especially looking forward to the talk and the music Beto is going to play for us. I have been fascinated with the music of Panama ever since our visit from Wayne Marshall and Raquel Z Revera. They highlighted the unique position of the Central American country and its lasting contribution and shaping of Reggaeton and our current urban soundscape.  (Missed it? It’s streaming here. Subscribe to the Mudd Up! podcast if you want downloadable versions of my weekly show: , Mudd Up! RSS. Listen, get involved, throw in comments, questions. Again, tonight @ 7PM.

Of course, for those outside our FM broadcast range, WFMU offers live streaming and even has its own free iPhone app!