16-bit/NEW VR()NSKY


http://chaos985.com/minecraftmap/ h/t ADRIAN (btw guest post from Liturgy’s drummer Greg Fox on minecraft coming soon)

I played a sprawling illegal party last night in São Paulo called Voodoo HOP. The promoter warned me that middle class people in SP just dont listen to hip-hop and that I would have to avoid it for the night (I havn’t heard rap anywhere here except at a brothel where the bartender/dj was playing a bunch of DJ Quick along with Funk and international club hits).  Maybe disco and (american) funk he suggested, like it was just some fallback that all djs have up their sleeve. So I spent last week torrenting in directions I haven’t normally fucked with- finally grabbed the rest of the nightslugs catalog, a bunch of funky, some older house, and a lot of gorgeous dark post-dubstep(BUT DONT TELL KODE09) FACT approved late night jams.

Safe to say I wrecked my first ableton performance- then I got bored and played the Beamer Benz or Bentley Inst running half time with different juke over it until all the hands in the air people stopped whistling, then we had a private listening party for the new nettle. Walking home through downtown SP at 7:30 AM is apocalyptic. Zombies from the night still following you with empty eyes while secretaries try not to notice how much blood the man slouched over in the doorway next to their building has dried across his face and chest.

Now that I have a grip of New/Old mp3s from Anthony Rother to Aslope I’m going to post some of my favorite jawns- most of which have been out for months or years or decades.

This first one from VRONSKY couldn’t be fresher though-  flipping new GirlUnit with UGK.




  1. which is weird because sao-paulo is THE RAP CITY in brazil- but i guess ive just been sluffing on that side of my research and spending too much time on augusta

  2. this sounds like Anna karenina cheating on her husband with pimp c.

    also, Beamer Benz bentley was my halftime head turner out of an opening set of footwork mentalness played to 5 friends b4 frikstailers

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