[Erick Rincon (center), his sister, and DJ Sheeqo Beat, photo by John Francis Peters for The Fader]

I will elaborate on this later — right now I’m working with Sonido Martines on an organic farm in south Netherlands — but in the meantime, go get The Fader’s Fall Issue, which contains my feature on Tribal Guarachero, researched over the course of a few weeks in Monterrey/Mexico, with excellent photos by the intrepid John Francis Peters. John just upped the images on his website (although you’ll need to get the magazine to see the spread in its full-color, full-size glory).

Also: everybody who reads this should go visit Mexico, you will fall in love with the country as it is continually mind-blowing! And: we’ve got high-quality exclusive content related to my #3Ball MTY essay coming up soon on Fader blog, so preparate… (& you heard Erick Rincon’s tribal guarachero remix of a Scandinavian folk tune, right?)


[Crowd outside ArcoIris in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. Photo by John Francis Peters for The Fader]