Quik & Kurupt’s Blaqkout is shaping up to be a dope collaboration.  A few weeks ago, they dropped “Whatcha Wan Do” and now this.  The beat and the image presented are somewhat reminiscent of Clipse “Grindin'”, but there’s something about the sample here- chopped, disembodied female/R&B voice (something we don’t seem to get enough of)  gets trampled by heavy booms & bap, not to mentioned Kurupt’s bugged out raps.  Storms, hurricanes, typhoons, radiated mushrooms, delusions, bananas, baboons, etc. all squeezed in, in less than a few seconds.  It all reminded me of a DOOM line, “don’t know what he saying, but the words be funny.”


  1. great! xtra credit for the weird vox sampling. a meditation on the cyclical nature of History vis-a-vis irradiated shrooms.

    birth school trip death work, repeat.

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