my mind is disintegrating im so tired but as i wait for the CD to burn, this seems funny. of course for an awake version of corrective blacknesses, try Lilith’s Brood (Xenogenesis), which is reminding me i need to finish Butler’s Patternist series. . . anyhow, back to satiric asslessness

h/t veiled gazelle


  1. omg i love love love aisha tyler. she was the only reason i ever watched that one awesomely smutty dating show she hosted for a minute.

  2. Hah that’s the park I used to take my dog to all the time (also the street that Full House was filmed.) I wonder if I saw them filming this.

  3. MShadetek & I, not to mention many many folks out there, are big Octavia Butler fans! we trade books a lot, we should start a Dutty Artz book clubb.

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