It is a good thing, we discovered last night, to begin and end with mister Arthur Russell. Hard to go wrong in a a loose and loving space. Along the way: Ghanian hiplife in preparation for next week’s guest, Chicagoan footwork sold to Americans by the Brits, the Bronx’s own Colombian low-end king Jorge Meza, Caroline Bergvall reading Dante, and and (aka always more).

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Arthur Russell Soon-To-Be-Innocent / Let’s See World of Echo
DJ Clent I Love You Bangs & Works Vol.1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation
Tony Harmony ft. Triple M My Body rmx Black Stars: Ghana’s Hiplife Generation
Breach Fatherless
Caroline Bergvall Dante / version Fig
Mexicans With Guns Me Gusto feat Chico Mann
Lunice Hitmanes Anthem (Noaipre remix)
Shireen مش أوزةأراك أنت shouts 2 DJ Bent
Wganda Kenya Por Una Negrita gracias a Fabian / Africolombia
Jorge Meza El Pescador de Baru BRONX STAND UP
Tha Pope All The Things Bangs & Works Vol.1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation
DJ Killa E Star Wars Bangs & Works Vol.1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation
Squincy Jones Nintendub Edit (excerpt)
Arthur Russell All-Boy All-Girl World of Echo
Gnawa Njoum Kami Ni Mantara Experience Morocco
Baby Copperhead Harmonium
Jil Jilala track 8 (i’ll get title!)
Arthur Russell Hollow Tree Another Thought