Art: Civilization by @MREEUH

I sent my super talented artist friend Mreeuh Chang our Chants Remix, and a couple of hours later, I got back the sketch you see above.

Says Mreeuh: “I was workin on sketches when I received the song, this is what transpired. Don’t think I’m done. May turn it into a painting.”

Which of course, it did.

I think that this is the first time than an unsolicited sketch/painting emerged from sounds+words that I helped create. Which of course, was based on sounds that someone else created! And words that other people spoke! Miiiiiiiindwarp. Can’t even describe how much this shit boosted mines. Humbling and ego lifting at the same time, if that’s possible? Made me feel…understood, and shit. Thanks Mreeuh.

And if anyone reading this finds themselves in Cincinnati and in need of a tattoo, or just dope visual art in general, look her up.