Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)

I was over at Andy‘s house for much of the weekend (he’s about seven minutes away from where I live, and he makes the illest fried plantains! overly ripe plantains fried with little oil, smashed, then re-fried again with very little oil, then lightly salted… it is of course a traditional recipe in many parts of the world, but Andy is untouchable right now.) Anyway, this is one of the tracks he pointed me to, and after it was found, we put it on repeat for a while. Ill Blu offers more heat  for the Summer, in the form of R&B remixes.

I am surrounded by incredible deejays who are crazy music fanatics as well, constantly discovering, and always on the move.  I am developing my own thing, but I get wonderful music thrown at me from several directions. Geko Jones (aka Mr Miyagi, Wobble Monster, California get ready) blessed me w/ some extremely dope and super exclusives last week, Rupture also gave me an insane dubstep banger last week… please listen to Mudd Up! If it sounds like we’re not focus, it is because we have so much to share.

Ms. Dynamite – Bad Gyal (Radio Rip)

Ms. Dynamite dropped this banger back in December, (props to The Heatwave) and there was a lot of excitement and hype around the explosive cut. Dynamite is repping her yard roots hard on this one.  We still can’t seem to find a proper version, not even a CDQ version?  All the versions floating around contain some kind of BBC Radio1 tag from DJ Semtex, Trevor Nelson, etc.  I think I first heard about the track from Gex, then Andy… Anyway, if anyone out there is holding a quality version, pls share!



  1. dope tracks.

    but please, singers, rappers, mcs all over the world… STOP AUTO TUNE!!! joke isnt funny anymore… well, who am i to judge?

  2. Oh! such a fresh sound! felling this. thankssss.

    And honestly.. i think the more saturated we get with the autotune steeezzz.. the more that creative uses seep through the cracks. This one is straight tuff.

  3. I’ve heard Ms. Dynamite on the radio in Kingston – doing a jingle for a DJ and singing a tune as well. Please let her come out with more…

  4. @ ripley
    let’s start a petition! there’s another crazy track, w/ similar vibes, titled “Ramp” floating around somewhere.
    i also love your new deejay name btw– even if you don’t use it, at least pls call your next mix/tape “SUPER HIPER ACIDO MANGO BITCH” —i’m going to start a petition for too!!

    @ the autotune haters
    i honestly can’t get enough of it, and it’s just lightly used on these tracks… as if everything was all done, and the producers are like “let’s sprinkling some autotune magic on those vocals”

    right/click on the track titles at the bottom of the content previewers and save as.

  5. Lamin – Ramp is a classic track!! She’s so fierce. I’ll sign that petition for sure

    thanks for the spanish candy name props.. I think you’re right about the mixtape title although I feel like it dictates content.. thinking it should be a knifehandchop/speed mambo/cardopusher/soca/society suckers mix

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