Amanda Diva – Rebels

This is from Diva‘s recent, excellent FreEP titled Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul, and the zShare link is still live.  I saw Diva perform a few months back, and she ripped it.  She’s also a brilliant poet/lyricist, and her wordplay and spirit on “Rebels” effectively conjures images of people tired of living in oppressive situations and marching up “to the Capitol, front lawns, and gardens” and rebelling against the political and social system.
I can actually picture her (in all her loveliness) standing on the steps of the Capitol screaming at the top of her lungs to other protesters “…I’m tired of them thinking I’m less than! Well, it’s time to stand up! Come on, get up! Gather ’round! —repeat after me.  We gon take this thing and take it over!”

Lookout for the Dutty Artz Recession Rap Jams Podcast, coming sooner than you think!

If you can’t get enough of Amanda Diva, like me -here she is in “ManWomanBoogie” from Q-Tip’s The Renaissance



  1. great…just what we need….another fake rebel in spandex… its all that sell-out-cunt MIA’s fault…wheres she now? eh? sucking the same western dick she rebelled against… If Diva really wants to do sutin to make a change she should strap semtex to herself before she goes to the front lawns…check her myspace…the bitch reads vanity fair….wow how rebel is that?!?!? Anyways, shes got a nice voice, gurl can def. sing…., i give her dat…just think she should be singing about her hipster western advantaged ways and keep it real… like what over priced spandex she goona buy at american apparel….fuckin hipsters…at least she aint from O-hida-hoo (lololol) like most these fucks that are moving into Brooklyn and fuckin it all up…. oh yeah…wheres my latinos in da q-tip video?!?!?!?! I give dem props for the concept… nice idea… I like da bit where he wakes up…funny….

  2. OUCH i’m sorry about the hater above. THIS IS MY JAM.

    i love spandex and real or fake rebels so long as they can serve up heat like this.

  3. yooooo….how can i be a hater if its real talk….besides…if u really read what i was saying i give as much love as hate… anyways just wanted to add….love how in the pic the keyboard player seems to be mesmerized by Diva’s “other” top quality…lolol…. anyways…triple-R…die slow yeah…

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