As I write, the beers are in the presidential fridge. After their drink, Gates will go back to Harvard, Crowley will return to the force, Obama will stay in the White House. Nothing about law or race, not even the national conversation, will have changed. And Troy Davis will remain on death row. For now the only beer he can expect will be with his last meal. And he will be drinking alone.
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The Gates arrest gave the president ample opportunity to stimulate a broad national discussion about police and community relations and the role of race and ethnicity when these relations become contentious. Such a conversation would have been a politically risky endeavor, no doubt. But discussion would have been far more valuable than a brewski photo-op, which is how the Gates case will likely be remembered.
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Extra props to MAN and his particularly interesting and essential blog.

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  1. without getting to deep into my visual culture academic whatever chit-chat……
    its just strange how that photo marginalizes gates- maybe just an artifact of where the photgraphers were allowed to stand in regards to the table or something.. also- I wonder why Gates and Crowley decided not take off their jackets- its pretty fucking hot in DC no?

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