Very cool little short video of Just Blaze showing part of how he makes his hiphop beats, in this case a great and very fast way to chop samples and set them up for triggering in the EXS sampler in Logic.  Thanks to Timeblind for the linkage.  This is what I love about Logic.  Any time I’m working with someone else, or teaching my class at Dubspot, I learn some new different way to do the things I do when making beats.  Timeblind is also a super Logic wizard and has taught me lots.  In this case I didn’t know that you could split regions during playback OR drag from arrange into the EXS editor.  Logic heads will appreciate this.  AND if this has you scratching your head and thinking “That looks really cool, I want to be able to do that” you should sign up for the next session of my class at Dubspot, starting August 15th on Saturdays from 4-6:45pm in Manhattan.  The session after that is November 11th Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:15 to 1PM.  Lamin is in my group on Thursday’s that just started last week and will be doing some blog posts here and on the Dubspot blog about it.

Thanks to for putting this up, a bunch of good producing videos on his site.


  1. yeah but I found that video while trying to solve some stupid shit problem that still isn’t solved. I hate software. its all in the way.

    I want to have an engineer-servant and I’ll just pace around the room and command him to do stuff. KLF rule #1 : if you play an instrument, quit. get the engineer to do it all.

  2. I’ve been using the Strip Silence option in the audio edit page, but that is def’ much quicker, thanks plenty. Timeblind, may I hit you up for some more info at Clandestino?

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