Antipop Consortium – Fluorescent Black 5 Minute Teaser Mix

…followed by Buffie The Body and two symphonies


I love this album. It drops next Tuesday. Anti-Pop Consortium will be joining us for a live broadcast Monday, the eve of the album’s release, on Mudd Up! with DJ Rupture on WFMU 91.1 fm. Rupture and I will talk with Beans, HPrizm, M. Sayyid, and E. Blaize about their music, influences, history, lyricism, technology, afrofuturism, their insane live sets, etc. plus we’ll be playing some exclusive selections from the group. It should be tremendous!

Subscribe to the Mudd Up! podcast if you want downloadable versions: , Mudd Up! RSS. Listen, get involved, throw in comments, questions. Again, Mondays @ 7PM.

For those outside our FM broadcast range, WFMU offers live streaming and even has its own free iPhone app!



  1. excellent stuff. excited to hear the entire record. hey sayid: you know about midi right? I can make you a max patch.

  2. I’m really glad you Dutty Artz folks brought these guys up, I had forgotten about them until a few months ago. Loved those records in high school, infact they probably have a lot to do with me diving deeper into weird music.

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