Contaminate NYC x Dutty Artz Tonight

Extra late reminder that tonight between 6:30 – 10:00pm at Ovest (513 West 27th Street and 10th Avenue) in Chelsea we’ll be participating in Electro Skins.

From the curator Virginia Villari:

Inspired by the collaboration between New York based DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek (whose album SLR dropped on the Agriculture Records) and the Italian video artist Sara Taigher, author of the video clip for the Solar Life Raft Medley track, Electro Skins presents the new released album by Rupture and Shadetek, Solar Life Raft, and a selection of Sara’s video artworks, together with a performance by circus artists Seanna Sharpe and The Circustentialists.

Electro Skins seeks to highlight the deep connection between the human and the technological: how electronic music perfectly expresses human feelings, how video art strikingly represents the human condition, how performance – the body movement throughout the space – can be inspired by electronic sound and images. Electro Skins uncovers the mutual creative exchange between diverse art forms, which get empowered by this contamination and ultimately become one.

Videos will be projected on the walls from three projection stations, turning the space into a giant video installation, DJs will play their brand-new tracks, culminating into a moment when Solar Life Raft Medley will be projected from all the three stations, the djs will be playing it and Seanna and The Circustentialists will be performing a piece specifically created for the event’s site and concept.

Check Contaminate NYC for more info

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