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A hands-down classic; this is one of the greatest Coupe Decale songs ever.

& here’s the opening track from the first volume of a massive Coupe compilation Abijan En Feu (Nouvelles Dances | Nouvelles Ambiances). This has all the attributes a nice jump-start groove should have – first, a comical, deranged sounding character shouting gibberish (or rather speaking in a language we don’t clearly understand,) a few seconds in, a more commanding and heavy voice takes charge, and serious outbursts of singing and speed-rapping backed by incredible music from DJ Arafat (myspace) follows. This one is guaranteed to scale up parties and move bodies.


DJ Arafat – 5500 Volt


  1. Good shout, Arafat’s beats are pretty much the best in coupe. And that 1st track on 5500 volts is absolutely amazing. My favourite has got to be Bobaraba.

  2. the evolution of dj arafat is quite amazing from “hommage a jonathan” where he is outshined by mulukuku dj to yorobo 8500 volt he is now the leader and clashing with other dj etc…

  3. @andy – thank you for breaking it down, sensei. i was merely commenting that we are suckers for singers/musicians screaming foreign gibberish in languages we don’t understand– i.e. portuguese, french, japanese, etc. over infectious dance beats.

    and let’s be clear; i have been neglecting my lessons for a long time. i know it’s french, and can, in a vague way somewhat comprehend what they’re saying.

    ps – i’m coming over soon. miss those ripe/fried plantains!

  4. heheh! I think rupture might remember this album playing loud in his living room at 2am! :)

    On s’abaisse pas un peu is probably the best track on this album for me!

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