I love this tune. Wiley & Bless Beats doing electro-house. Not much to say, just listen, drink, dance, bubble.


I’ll definitely play this at the Dutty Artz Tropical Dance next Friday (3/21) in Williamsburg at Glasslands, so get ready. I’ve been pondering what I am gonna play and I think among a few select things like this made by other people I am gonna go hard on my own material, which I haven’t done in a while. Want to hear what’s coming out the lab this year? Come listen. We’re doing two sets each, warm up and prime time, so there’s room for a range of stuff to get played. I’m happy about this because really, who wants to listen to the promoters cousin and 900 opening djs you’ve never heard of? Definitely not me. I can play for two hours easy, why would I even want anyone else playing at my party? I’ll probably play reggae early and shadetek bangers, grime, dancehall, dutty beats late.  And yes, I know there are 10 million other parties that night in NYC, and good ones too, but ours is dirty and cheap so after you pay your 6 bucks you can actually afford to buy a few drinks and make some fun mistakes on a friday night, like you’re supposed to.

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  1. as the city’s infrastructure continue to collapse & crash down on innocent civilians and construction workers, what do we do? “drink, dance, bubble”…because we can’t afford to go to disney world.

    oh yes, i really like this. looking forward to hearing it on a soundsystem.

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