Our first release, DA00, a 12″, is at the plant and will release soon. Listen to short clips of 3 out of 4 of the tracks over at the brand new Dutty Artz myspace page. More infos as we get closer to street date.

Also a new tune with 77Klash and the original dancehall legend Mr. Buddybye himself Johhny Osbourne over my production the Mad Again riddim can be heard on my own myspace page. It’s making waves in the dancehall right now, expect a release in early 2008.

In other news I’ve been meaning to put a note up here about my boy Alex, at Sound-Ink, the label that released my album Pale Fire. He read my diatribe against labels, distributors, etc getting in between me and my personal expression, and took it personally. I’ve since cleared it up with him but I’d just like to make it clear on the public record here that Sound-Ink was fine and they are not who I was talking about. Who was I talking about? Get a copy of my discography and play detective.