Dutty Artz Crewsletter Updates

For those of you who missed our May update I thought I’d do a quick round up post of some of the exciting Dutty Artz activity this Spring that wasn’t yet covered on the blog.

Sorie Kondi
Thogolobea has been making the rounds since its release back in March. The album was featured on the Band of the Day app, and Thogolobea was listed in Rhapsody’s top 14 World Music albums of the first half of 2013. You can also here a couple Sorie tracks mixed in alongside one of my own remixes in Darek Mazzone’s edition of KEXP’s Music That Matter’s podcast.

Download this exclusive remix of “Salone Tidae” by Fadie Conteh, producer and engineer for the Thogolobea album, which he made aimed at the vibrant Freetown club scene:

Brooklyn Shanti
Moner Alo, which dropped on Dutty Artz back in February, was recently featured on mini doc about Shanti shown on Brooklyn Independent Television. Check the doc, and get a glimpse of the behind the scenes view at Dutty Artz headquarters!


Shanti was also recently featured alongside Geko and Jahdan on a show called ZirZameen, produced for Iranian television by Voice of America.


Catch Shanti as part of the Dutty Artz showcase at the Northside Festival on June 15th.

Thanu it seems is only getting busier and busier. Back in February she dropped her Foreign Brown Mixtape and her follow up is due out soon as part of Isa GT’s Etoro sessions. Foreign Brown was featured recently in Sounds and Colors magazine, accompanied by an interview that showcases her work as an artist/activist. She also was featured on ZirZameen this past Spring:


Thanu’s multiple talents continue to be on display this weekend as tomorrow she’s speaking on a panel at the Left Forum, and at night she’s DJing the Azucar party’s Pride edition in Brooklyn.

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