Yaaaaaaa!!  Can you tell I’m excited about our new Dutty Artz UStream and Podcast radio show?  I am, very.

We’re doing it Thursday nights regularly at 7PM from the basement of Dubspot.  But we’re also gonna be doing it irregularly whenever we feel like it!  So the currently planned broadcasts are gonna be tomorrow Thursday 6/24/10 at 7PM AND next Monday the 28th at 10PM with special guests NGUZU NGUZU!  YAAAAA!  I am excited.  A lot of cool people are gonna be in NYC this coming week and I want to get as many of em as we can to come and wile out with us in the basement and do radio.

The first episode is up in two chunks, first me Matt Shadetek and then Lamin aka Mosholu Park:



You’ll get these in the course of the regular Dutty Artz Podcast if you’re already subscribed.  Also if you want to go back and check out the video that goes with us (watch me dance, dj and sing along to Busy Signal!) you can go check out our UStream channel.  This is where it will be going down tomorrow: http://www.ustream.tv/duttyartznyc.

Also equally exciting is that we’ll be inaugurating the first session of the DUTTY ARTZ BOOK CLUB tomorrow at the beginning of the broadcast.  We will be talking about Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.  We over here read a lot of books and talk about them a lot so in an effort towards increased transparency and over the top nerdiness we will be sitting on UStream talking about science fiction tomorrow.  Log eeeeeeeeeeen!  It’s gonna be fun (if talking about books is your idea of fun, otherwise after about 15-20 minutes we’re gonna start firing musical bullets).


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