Dutty Berlin


About ten minutes into my set last night on top of a Ukranian stone carring ship thats docked on the Danube river my subs had unexpected consequences on the  distribution of  heat on the surface of the earth…. A massive wind storm whipped up- for fears that the roof of the boat might fly down towards the Black Sea (and my needles flying around like leaves)… we had to cut things short. HOWEVER……..

If you happen to be in Berlin tonight or tomorrow… come out for my last two European Union shows before my return to Seattle at the end of the week.

Friday July 24(EARLY like 9PM) @ Jacki Terrasse on Schilling Brücke with the Dense record shop crew.

Saturday July 25 (Regular like midnight) @ Sick Girls summerfest at Picknick – live band and amazing food.

Berlin lets get it!