Dutty Phone Tag

“Ghosts Behind” is the perfect summer jam. It’s the soundtrack for late afternoon romps in sweaty sheets and early morning bike rides to the beach. Gorgeous tropical dream pop from Phone Tag, whose self-titled full length will drop September 18th on Dutty Artz. Guaranteed to be on repeat all summer.

Phone Tag are fucking ill live, check them this Saturday in New York at You Are Here (AKA the MAZE) (389 Melrose St AT SECRET PROJECT ROBOT GALLERY 10USD).

The Fader debuted “Ghosts Behind” + Lamin’s remix on Monday.

International Tapes debuted their incredible jam filled “Why Dog? Why?” mix (rumor has it there will be limited cassette versions soon!)

Ad Hoc has their insane cover of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s 1981 classic “Cue.”

I signed Phone Tag almost a year ago and it is such a pleasure to finally be able to start sharing the project with the world. This project is a new direction for us and one we couldn’t be happier about taking. The “Ghosts Behind” single pack will drop next Tuesday the  includes stunning remixes from Javelin, Lamin Fofana, Chants and Datalog.


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