Jay Electronica


Jay Electronica – Exhibit C

I have been waiting for a CDQ/NODJ version of this track for months! Jay Electronica (f*ck that! Call me Jay ElecHannukah, Jay ElecYalmulke…) and The Megatron Don answered the request/prayers of rap nerds and fans of great music the world over when they released Exhibit C this week. While the eyes of the world were on Copenhagen (I hope the eyes of the world were on Copenhagen! All the f*ckery, wrangling, and argument going on there matters to every single one of us on the planet. You might wake up one morning and find there is no Freetown, Monrovia, Conakry, no Dakar, no Lagos, no Accra, no Durban… they’re all cities under sea/saltwater! ahem, Solar Life Raft anyone?) one of my favorite tracks of 2009 was dropped in my mailbox! Finest holiday gift thus far, thanks Mo!

Now, let’s hope we get a full/CDQ version of “Dear Moleskine” by mid-Winter, and I’m quite certain an album in 2010 will set the globe on fire!



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