I found this tune youtubin late last night.  I’ve always thought funana, an accordion based dance music from Cape Verde, was really beautiful and melodic for such a fast tempo, but I wasn’t up on the new electronic form that it’s obviously taken until Ezra from Vampire Weekend pointed it out to me a few weeks ago.   In fact the homies Schlachthofbronx did a good little interpretation of the style which you can grab here and I’ve heard a few kuduros mashed up with funana as well.  Below you can download my traditional favorite, by Ferro Gaita which bangs pretty hard as it is, but anyone who finds the above tune… well, as Geko would say, I’ll give you cookie.

Ferro Gaita – Rei Di Tabanka



  1. secret ninja soundbwoy tip #113
    Often it is better to go to the source. I’ve gotten a couple dope tunes by writing the person who uploaded it to youtube

  2. i mean an international music genre just can’t fully coming into Being until Vampire Weekend have taken notice…plus everyone knows its pretty rough gettin to/around Cabo Verde w/o a yacht.

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