it took a minute, but the vinyl version of Jahdan Blakkamoore’s WE ARE RAIDERS EP is out now in the UK!

This dutty slab of New York Tropical contains ‘Go Round Payola’, ‘Nice Green’ (both prod. by Matt Shadetek), Buss It Pon Dem (prod. by Buenos Aires bredren Chancha Via Circuito), and the vinyl-only exclusive futuristic ladies-tunes ‘Pon Time’, beat crafted by Austria badman Stereotyp.


look for it in all shops stocking bass weight, here’s what Boomkat had 2 say:

The DJ Rupture/Shadetek curated Dutty Artz imprint moves from strength to strength with the labels first drop from Jahdan Blackamore, longtime vocallist for Matt Shadetek and Rupture himself. The A-side reels hard under the pressure of two of the heaviest street anthems we’ve heard this year with matt Shadetek cocking back on ‘Go Round Payola’ and Austro-dub specialist Stereotyp releasing the chain on ‘Pon Time’.

Matt Shadetek’s effort may split opinion for the simple but divisive issue of liberal auto-tune application, which in our opinion sound ridiculously good here but there’s a few out there who’d rather suck toes than listen to 3 minutes of hyper-emo pitch corrections. The cut itself is a rude 120bpm soca indebted smasher with rampant electro squlechlines adding to the severely artificial flavour, and it funking kicks like a camel on heat, only compounded by Blackamore’s singjay kinda style auto-tuned to order by Matt S. If you loved the Silverlink & Jammer ‘Message Is Love’ 12″ you’ll be all over this.

Stereotyp shakes up the bashment proper on ‘Pon Time’ with mentally detuned rave signals and a slightly less brutal application of auto-tune vox for a wicked and wild party track, and Matt Shadetek finishes off the one-two with ‘Nice Green’. A hymn to the sticky icky from Jahdan with a wicked dancehall dubstep flavour reminding us of Sizzla & MRK 1’s finest moment on ‘I Got Too’ but given the Shadetek overhaul with some unhinged LFO sub wobbles. Chancha via Circuito steps up finally to manufacture the beat for ‘Buss It Pon Dem’, switching styles once again to a sick reggaeton bumper with minimal beats optimized for club play at the slowest and heaviest rave you’ve ever been to.

We loved the last EP on Dutty Artz and we love this one even more. If you’re into anything from Hud Mo, to Rustie, from Ikonika to Rupture, to Roska or DJ Mujava we’d recommend you clear a bit of dancing space for this one. Very Large.

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