Sabbo – Far To Go (feat. Little X)

The Chief put me on Sabbo while he was here a couple of weeks ago.  Sabbo is a producer and DJ based in Tel-Aviv,  making solid bass-heavy music and collaborating with actual Jamaican dancehall and reggae artists. “Far to Go” is from his new release It Is The Time, an EP which is out now digitally (vinyl coming next month.)  All 4 tracks on the EP are remarkable, but “Far to Go” is what I’ve kept on repeat for the past week or so. The other three tracks, include vocal contributions from Jah Earth, Jah Rightful, and Chicago’s Zulu, are fully written, realized songs with verses, choruses, etc., whereas “Far to Go” contains only five lines and some chants from the vocalist Little X.  Sabbo stretched and enhanced those five lines and adlibs with his programming, a wicked rhythm track and some sick synths and effects.

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