Dutty Artz Black Monday – To.Be Takeover + Merch Re-Up

Steppin off the intergalactic Range Rover, it’s the Dutty Artz takeover bringing the new tech specs to prep you for the polar vortex.

This past month our main Mexicano, and in-house designer Talacha went to town (or pueblo) and created an astounding number of customizable Dutty Artz designs through to.be – the new interactive online platform that allows users to create custom ‘fields’, and allows them to use those fields to create customized T-shirts and prints. Today, Martin Luther King Jr. day in 48 out of 50 U.S. states, we are launching these new Talacha designs through a week long take over of the to.be platform. We’re calling it Black Monday, to take the Black back from Friday! Here’s how to.be explains the collaboration:

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with NY-based label Dutty Artz.  For one week only, use Dutty Artz’s libraries of elements in your to.be fields to make your own Dutty Artz tributes. In addition to the fields available to pull and edit for one-of-a-kind shirts and prints, a selection of designs are available exclusively for sale.

Visit the Dutty Artz To.be profile to check out the interactive designs themed around both recent and upcoming releases! And visit Talacha’s profile to access and order his pre-made t-shirts!

This is singularly the most new merchandise we’ve made available at one time, so we’ve decided to go even further to re-up our physical store on our bandcamp page. There you can get T-Shirts, CDs, and Vinyl, available for the first time after a year hiatus.

Head on over to our to.be page, to our to.be T-shirt collection, and to our main merch page to check out what the fuss is all about, and feel free to share your own Dutty Artz to.be tribute designs @duttyartz on Twitter or Facebook!