Meet Russo Passapusso from Kafundó Vol. 1

Another guest post by Wolfram Lange, co-founder of Kafundó Records, DJ, and blogger at the Soundgoods website. In this post he gives us a little background on Bahian vocalist and musician Russo Passapusso:

The singer, musician, and composer Russo Passapusso is part of the new generation of musicians experimenting with traditional sounds from the state of Bahia. His sound incorporates rap, reggae, and samba in an engaging and entertaining mixture. Born in the Bahian interior, it was in the capital Salvador where he came into contact with rap, reggae, and sound system culture. The beginning of his career was marked by participation in these local scenes. Living in Salvador, he became a member of the local Ministéreo Público, an institution that occupied different spaces in the city — doing parties and sound interventions and thus helping to found a new alternative scene in Salvador.

Later, he started two projects that incorporated the roots music of Bahia with contemporary foreign sounds. First, as one of the founders of Baiana System he brings the guitarra baiana to the 21st century, and second as part of Bemba Trio, a group that mixes rap and Jamaican music with traditional sounds of Bahia.

Celebrating 10 years in music, he just released his first solo album, a personal affair that leans in a more vintage direction:



His song “Matuto” appears on the Kafundó Vol. 1 compilation, which you can listen to and download below!