Meet Som Peba from Kafundó Vol. 1

Another guest post by Wolfram Lange, co-founder of Kafundó Records, DJ, and blogger at the Soundgoods website. In this post he gives us a little background on Bahian multi-disciplinary artist Som Peba:

Pedro Marighella from Bahia state is a multi-disciplinary artist that is mostly interested in cultural, social, and historical (time and place) processes which he synthesizes into illustrations, audio pieces, and short texts that reveal aspects of strangeness that appear in those themes. The result of his works is a place of transit through obscure analogies and critical positioning. Curious about the definition of what is good taste, he tries to fathom the way how definitions of value circumscribe social spaces by means of aesthetics. Lover of popular urban music, since 2003 he has taken the name Som Peba where som means “sound” and peba something like “bad quality” or “ordinary” in Northeastern slang.

With his music, which is especially derived from his relation to the more electronic side of Pagode (slow R&B and pop samba), and Arrocha (influenced by Axé and Forró), he looks for little disruptions varying constantly from the critical potential of recreation and introspective music with obscure analogies. He realizes the latter element further in his recent work as Omã.

This song Arrozx appears on the Kafundó Vol. 1 Compilation: