!Un Saludo! Mexican Soundsystem Cumbia in LA

Dutty Artz is proud to announce the release of a compilation of Mexican Cumbia Sonidera, straight outta Los Angeles!

Available tomorrow, April 14th, the compilation showcases how LA became a nerve center of contemporary Mexican Cumbia with Discos Barba Azul as an important node connecting Mexico and United States. Dutty Artz member Xandão curated the album, thinking through how saludos–dedications and shout-outs which sonidero DJs dramatically read–connect families separated by borders. Fans speak to their absent loved ones through the DJ’s voice, which they buy on recordings of the show to send to their family mentioned. Cumbia sonidera–densely layered and personalized–creates an auditory archive of feelings of longing, love, and homesickness.

A collaboration between Dutty Artz and Songs From Home, the compilation features Los Daddy’s de Chinantla, Grupo Kual?, Grupo Ju-Juy, Jorge Meza, Grupo Colmillo, Los Star Boys, Estrellas de la Cumbia, Tinta Roja, Mega Cumbia, and DJ Neo.

Read more information in this wonderful feature in the New York Times, and listen to a preview of one of the tracks on The Fader, and buy the compilation at any of your favorite digital stores, or vinyl via Songs From Home, and on tape via Dutty Artz.