@Mapei Taking Over

img/Taea Thale (W Magazine)

I swear, this isn’t completely a humblebrag (not completely), but to have watched Mapei go from blog fave in the late aughts to hearing her new music blaring out of speakers from big electronic retailers and dollar van systems alike, is amazing. This wave of new interest – recently capped with a stop at Hot 97 – is much deserved, as the Liberian/Swedish artist has been releasing amazing music for a minute.
Mapei - Cocoa Butter Diaries Cover
Mapei – “Don’t Wait” (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Mix) [via]

I saw a popular mainstream site categorize her as an “alternative R&B singer” recently, and it made me smile. Not because they’re wrong (they’re not, entirely), but because it signaled to me  that they probably have no idea what’s coming.