Spoek Mathambo, our favorite fashion genius / faith healer / rapper, just sent me some heat from Jo’burg.

“mr jace-o-matic…i am really getting into djing now…playing house from south africa…finding gems…thought i should spread some cheer…”

NYC is covered in snow now which is pretty but will soon be gray sludge, plus 3 friends of mine have all been laid off in the last 4 weeks. Life sucks! Although I expect the party scene will improve as crazed desperation spreads.

so here’s some nu house jams from South Africa, where it is SUMMER, thnx 2 Spoek, aka half of Sweat X and half of Playdoe. We played together in Paris and the Playdoe set was a definite highlight of 2008, it was LIVE.

[audio:http://negrophonic.com/mp3/05 Track 5 6.mp3]

track 5 from somewhere

[audio:http://negrophonic.com/mp3/Weakness in me-mix.mp3]

Weakness in Me


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