6 Years Deep EP #1: What Edward Said

On the occasion of its 6 year anniversary, Dutty Artz is proud to present the first in a four part series of geographically-oriented EPs that make up the 6 Years Deep compilation:

What Edward Said
1) Imanaren – Bo Niyt
2) Filastine – Autology feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny
3) Amr 7a7a, Alaa Fifty Cent, & Sadat El Alaamy – Against Harassment
اغنيه حملة احميها بدل ما تيتحرش بيها توزيع عمرو حاحا
4) Ushka & Brooklyn Shanti - Hanuma Vannama

Highlighted on the DJ /rupture curated EP are a cross section of Dutty Artz projects, future collaborations and from the past 6 years. Imanaren from Morocco, who’s self-titled international debut was released on Dutty Artz in 2011, turn in a driving Berber folk tune. Filastine, a long-time friend of Dutty Artz, offers vintage-Soot with Autology. Amr Haha, Alaa Fifty Cent, & Sadat El Alaamy, Mahraganat stars out of Cairo, turn in an anti-sexual harrassment protest song, recently performed at a demonstration in front of the presidential palace in Cairo. Brooklyn’s own Ushka and Brooklyn Shanti turn in an adaptation of “Hanuma Vanama” (recital of the monkey) a Lankan folk tune brought to the club, and given a Bengali-twist!

The cover for the EP borrows the artwork from Edward Said’s Orientalism.

The EP will be sent out by email later today, so this is your last chance to sign up for the Dutty Artz mailing list in order to get the tracks! The entire 6 Years Deep compilation will go on sale online in December.

We didn’t want to leave you out if you missed the tracks this time around, so we decided to accompany each EP with a mix. First up is Brooklyn Shanti and Ushka with the What Edward Said mixtape:


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