Chief Boima INTLBLK Tour Mix

Hi Duttylandia, I’m on the road again! — from Brazil to Germany via England. I came out here to play the debut show of the Kondi Band, my new collaborative album with Dutty Artz alum Sorie Kondi.

Our first EP will launch next month on Strut Records (keep an eye on this space for details!). But, London people can check us out at The Forge in Camden this Saturday. This will be the first time the general public will be able to hear this new project, so come for some very exciting exclusive material!

Otherwise, I’ll be in Bristol, Leipzig and Berlin. Come hear me play some tunes at one of the places below. I did a promo mix for the Love Carnival folks in London, Cal Jader and the Movimentos crew. Think of it as my version of a State of the INTLBLK Union address, from Brazil to the Caribbean, West Africa to England, and beyond!