Geko Jones’ Afro-Latin Club Mix for Société Perrier


Geko Jones turns in a wicked mix for Societe Perrier, showcasing his unique take on Latin American, Caribbean, and electronic club music. On it, you get a blended combination of remixed Afro-Colombian folk styles that he’s known for, alongside Samba, Kuduro, Nigerian Pop, Dominican Tipico, Salsa, Dembow, Reggaeton and even Chicago Juke filtered through a UK Bass lens. You can almost imagine this as the part 2, or response from the American side of the ocean to the Africa Latina mix that he and I did last month.

Here in New York I tune in every once in awhile to listen to club mixes by the DJs on the various Latino radio stations. While that’s an exciting experience for me to see how wide a musical range you can get from the mainstream Latin stations, listening to this mix I’m reminded that Geko Jones, while retaining a firm sense of cultural-rootedness and respect for those amazing artists and styles that came before, remains years ahead.