New Dutty Artz member, Riobamba’s ‘Grito!’

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the initiation of Sara Skolnick aka DJ Riobamba of Pico Picante Boston fame into the Dutty Artz family! Anyone who has been around Boston’s tight-knit electronic scene in the past few years will be familiar with Sara and her Pico family’s great monthly party at the Good Life club. I also know from experience that she has been a key participant in Boston-area cultural institutions, such as the Together Festival.

This summer, after living in Bogota for a time on an MTV-U Fulbright scholarship, Sara relocated to New York where she has become an editor at Remezcla. As a fresh arrival to the city that is Dutty Artz’ spiritual home, we thought it would be a perfect time to bring her officially into the fold. We’re very excited for what kind of things she will bring to the table for both the crew and New York at large.

If you need an introduction to her sound as a DJ, we are happy to present her latest mix “Grito”:

Riobamba created “Grito” as a response to her year spent in Bogotá, Colombia, and as a loud, clear call for autonomy and self-determination in the global digital music culture.

The mixtape opens with an original sound piece reworking Youtube news clips and field recordings from the campesino strikes that shut down Bogotá for weeks in 2013 as an outcry against multinational interference. “Grito” is a frantic trip through acid dembow, crashing baile funk, and screwed ruidosón rave undercurrents. The selections challenge the listener to reconsider their expectations for Latin@ dance music, and pay homage to un-hushed howls of decolonized club culture.

As Sara puts it, “basically this is me paying tribute to Latin@ producers that know their own power and that are pushing the envelope a bit for club music production.”

Tracklist (featuring unreleased tracks from her Boston fam Rizzla and False Witness):

Riobamba – Grito
Super Don Miguelo – Quiero Sudar (Rizzla Vogue Edit)
???? – ????
Joey LaBeija – Pretty Hoe (ft. Ms. Porsh)
DJ Marfox & DJ Nervoso – A Propria
False Witness – The Dominican Walk (Nitido Y Cristian)
Imaabs – Voy
Joswa in the House – Ella Quiere Cualto
Leo Justi – Treinamento do Bumbum (DJ Dede Mandrak/Leo Justi Remix)
Chimbala vs Maurice – Bailacid (FW Bootleg)
The Black Jesus – Kill the Messenger (Lao’s Delta Remix)
Rizzla – Fucking Facist
Princess Nokia – Seraphims (Owwwls’ Purple Lemonade Edit)
Amalucan – Orihuela M.S.S. (Yelram Selectah Rmx)
Isa GT – Alerta (Paul Marmota Remix)

Cover art: Ricardo Cavolo []

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  1. Dear Sarita I’m delighted to see your advance in the world of music that is one of my loves.
    You work so very hard, and it thrills me to see your passion for what is you selected to do in life.
    I admire you and I love you dearly.

    Love always,


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