is what I typed into YouTube and found these. Spoek Mathambo’s mix a while ago inspired me to go and look for some of this weird slow house that they make in South Africa. Some of it is really cool, and the videos are great. Like this one:


And you can’t go wrong sampling Yo Yo Ma:


In my mind I think of this as snaredrum house, because of the snare patterns, which people often say ‘soca’ to talk about it. This really doesn’t sound like soca at all but it DOES sound a lot like what they’re calling Funky in London, especially the beats. Anyway I like it. I feel like the recent changes in house have made it a lot more interesting and fun and I might now go and try to make some, we’ll see. I almost never work at 120bpm which is kinda what makes it appealing to me.

And WTF is this?:



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