This Serani song is really great, love the combination of reggae/dancehall vibes.   Daseca strikes again on the riddim.  Serani is actually a producer in the Daseca crew who has recently broken out as an artist.  The vocal tone on the hook is beautiful.  This song has already broken into the hiphop/r+b mix on Hot97 in NYC (where I heard Funk Flex playing it while I was washing the dishes) which suggest that you’ll all be hearing a lot more of it.


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  1. Matt, a lot of commercial hiphop/reggae radio DJs have been playing “No Games” along with/right after Movado’s “So Special” for quite a while now.

    I developed the opinion that because the “So Special” hook can get tired, outside of the dancehall/party environment. It’s just too short so you have to add/tag another vocal piece to the riddim.

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