Obama on Hip Hop


Imagine this, in a few weeks we may have a president who can comment intelligently on Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’, materialism in hip-hop and use slang like “Be down” and “Keep it real” without sounding ridiculous. It is a strange and amazing moment in America. Hip-hop generation indeed.

In nine days I think we’ll start talking a little more about non-political matters and more about music, etc but for now pre-election mania continues.

Also, for those that aren’t following. As it stands now Obama is kicking McCain’s ass! The Republicans may lose control of all branches of government in a historic rout. They’ve already formed the circular firing squad and started blaming each other for a loss that hasn’t happened yet. And a pet-peeve: I’m sick of people saying “I hope it happens but I’m not gonna be over confident”. You know what? If you care at all you know you will be utterly devastated if Barack doesn’t win. Go all in, we’re past that point.


  1. I’m (cautiously?) optimistic and also very excited about the way things are going, Matt.

    Here’s a youtube reminder/advice/encouragement from Jay Smooth and a new jawn from Mos Def. Keep the preelection mania/posts rolling!

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