My latest essay, on the slowed-down tempos of screw + its influence on contemporary bands, has been published in this month’s Frieze and is available online. It begins with DJ Screw and ends with interview observations from Romanian programmer Paul Nasca, responsible for the Bieber stretch algorithm.

Ten years ago this month, one of the great, lazy American geniuses died, at the age of 29, from drinking too much cough syrup. His name was Robert Earl Davis Jr., and I believe he stole the technique that made him famous from the Mexicans. . .



  1. I wrote mine in early September – while I was startled to see Jon’s piece yesterday he certainly didn’t bite mine. This November marks the 10yr anniv of his death and with Salem and other bands mentioning him, it was a happy coincidence that both Caramanica and I decided to write a piece revisiting Screw in light of his current waves of influence.

    btw, there are more comments about this post over at my personal blog:

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