ST, 6 TRE G, and AC Burna – Feel The (Chris Brown)

eXclusive new music from Slowmotion Soundz,  produced by Block Beataz so you already know it knocks.

R&B superstar Chris Brown grew up in a domestic battlefield, and eventually/allegedly/recently involved in a lovers’ quarrel with his superstar girlfriend Rihanna which turned violent.  It’s heartbreaking and sad, and I can imagine every sane individual who knew this story hope something meaningful and productive came out of the situation–more public discussions (not just in the tabloids and gossip blogs) of a domestic, hidden, and intimate problem.  And we have this track here, which is all about driving a nice car with a sick soundsystem.

For another recent Chris brown/pop violence reference in rap music, check Maino’s “Murdergram.” Not productive, but it also knocks – “down for anything even knocking out Suge.”


  1. Blogs like press are a form of advertising. No matter how you feel about the situation its advantageous to the artist to be in there in text (or having his name and image in big shiny letters). His alledged crimes where confirmed via phone text, 911 call, blood in his car picked up by CSI and I think somewhere there was talk of someone being there when he pulled up to the house… what more do we need to know ? This doesn’t feel like dutty art.

  2. um, wow. yeah, the lyrics may be about a car’s sound system, but words matter – and this song’s words make light of domestic violence.

  3. Gex, mi – I have doubts about posting tracks here, nearly each time I do— questioning what is dutty artsy, what’s not. Every now and then I feel a 100%. At a certain point, I realized that’s useless. I can only post what I feel.

    As far as this particular post/track is concerned— the track is outrageous and compelling, there is definitely room for debate-this is just too much, it’s untouchable, unpleasant rap. Concerning the CB/Rihanna situation, it’s heartbreaking and sick– I worried about linking the DA name to that sort of violence, but at the same time this track is relatively harmless compared to the amount of violence, misogyny, homophobia that’s in music.
    The shiny CB artwork is definitely the coffin nail in this post tho. I’m not trying to contribute to promoting violence or CB here, and that image doesn’t help.

  4. I thought dutty art was s’posed to be messy…

    I think equating Chris Brown with “beating a bitch down” is an important thing to do (because T-Pain didn’t do that for him), and I don’t care if these MCs had to recontextualize the lexical meaning of these words in order to make that link.

    Plus, Lamin just put Chris Brown’s song on here, available for download. For a limited time only, of course, so we can later buy the album. Which, of course, all of us are going to do, right? So, the publicity Chris Brown’s getting with just about anyone likely to read this entry is 1) that this track is tight because the Block Beataz produced it, 2) Chris Brown is now effectively synonymous with ‘beat a bitch down’, and 3) whatever we have to say about it.

    So I think it’s good and appropriate that gex and ‘mi are turned off by the thought of Chris Brown beating Rihanna, and that that’s voiced here. But I’m definitely feeling Lamin on this one. But I don’t think this type of negative publicity is necessarily good publicity with the folks who visit this blog, and I really don’t think it’s a good idea to be policing duttiness. We should just be totally judgmental jerks to Strawman-Chris Brown.

  5. Oops. Sorry, I meant a song about Chris Brown, with a picture of Chris Brown. Which only sorta kills my point, especially because I’m more likely to buy Slowmotion Soundz.


    let’s not dutty up the where we stand on domestic violence. never acceptable, and an exceptionally shit metaphor for something as beautiful as a car bumping bass.

    i don’t care how hot the track is, if i hear this in the club, i’m pulling the fire alarm.

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