Que Bajo Records #003 – It’s a Suriname Ting

The third Que Bajo release has arrived! This time Uproot Andy teams up with Que Bajo partner Geko Jones, and longtime collaborator Chief Boima to present remixes of the beautiful music of Suriname.

Faluma, a song originally written by Ai Sa Si in the Saamáka language from Suriname, is a classic Caribbean tune covered by countless kaseko, bubbling, soca, and hip hop groups. Through its various incarnations it would become a pan-Caribbean hit, reaching Europe and North America through their countless immigrant communities. Geko Jones and Chief Boima team up in their Africa Latina incarnation to bring Faluma across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa. Remixing it in an Afro-House style inspired by the current scenes in Portugal, Angola, and the Netherlands, this one is especially made for the sing-a-long section of the night!

Luku A Meisje is Que Bajo’s take on Prince Koloni’s beautiful aléké music from the interior of Suriname. One of the most gifted voices anywhere in the world today, Prince Koloni is a hero in the proud African communities of the Northern Amazon. His biography is an amazing story of the continuation of African traditions in the America’s, as his dedication to his people and cultural roots have persisted even in the face of his own displacement from war. Andy and Geko do their part to bring the spirit of Africa in the Amazon to the clubs of New York and beyond!